Hi I’m Julia from Cantwells Cabin, I’m a qualified chef and I worked in the Hospitality sector for over 30 years. I’m now a Mum of 2 teenagers. I live in the Cotswolds Welcome to my Food Blog. Please keep checking in for more recipes and food ideas. I love cooking and I love food I teach my daughter to cook and she now has her own repertoire of recipes. There will be new recipes and budget meal ideas added every few days so please add me to your favourites.

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I also write about parenting at www.mentalhealthparent.com I write about where I live at www.cotswoldlifestyle.com I write about green issues and being more resourceful at www.cheatplanet.co.uk I write about saving money at www.thehappypiggybank.com and last but not least my lifestyle Blog www.curtainpic.site with plenty of life tips.