Baked Potatoes

10 Quick and Tasty Baked Potato Fillings that will Tease Your Tastebuds.

There is nothing better when the weather changes than to have a buttery baked jacket potato. Add these fillings for a memorable meal.

These 10 Fillings will Change up Your Mealtimes whether its for Lunch or Dinner or you are serving them as a side dish. You really should give them a try today.What could be better on a cool chilly Autumn day than a steaming hot buttery baked jacket potato. Crispy Skin with that lovely white fluffy potato inside. All you need are some medium to large Potatoes. I use King Edwards but Maris Piper and Desiree work just as well.

Potato fillings are a great way to add flavour and texture to an otherwise boring jacket potato. They can be used in a variety of ways and we recommend that you experiment with them until you find what you like best.

The humble jacket potato can be a filling and nutritious meal, but it can also be a boring one. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious potato fillings you can try to make it more exciting.

Wash and dry the skins and pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees Fan setting. Coat the potatoes in some vegatable or rapeseed oil. This will help to crisp the skins but stop them becoming dry and cardboardy. Bake them in the Oven for 45-60 minutes.

Did you know you can also cook them in a slow cooker? Just oil the potatoes as before but line the bottom of your slow cooker with aluminium foil. Put on high for the first hour then turn it down to Hot or cook for another 2-3 hours.

An extra quick way of cooking them is to wrap in kitchen paper and blast in the microwave for 5 minutes then give them another 15 mins in a hot oven to crisp up the skins.


-Chilli Con Carne with Cheese, Sour Cream and chopped Spring Onions or you could make a veggie Chilli and use vegan Cheese and Vegan Sour Cream.

-Tuna: tuna is a cheap and healthy option that can provide your meal with protein and omega 3.

-Cheese: cheese is an easy and tasty filling that can be used in many different ways – from grated cheddar to the cheese sauce from the packet.

-Cottage Cheese: cottage cheese provides a healthy alternative to traditional fillings such as tuna or cheese which are often high in fat. Add a crunchy green salad on the side for a healthy low fat lunch.

– Chicken onion and Broccoli in a cream bechamel sauce. More of a meal than a snack you could also use sweetcorn

– Chicken Sweetcorn and Mayonnaise

-Vegetable Dhal Curry

– Roasted Red Peppers with Cream Cheese and Fresh Chives

-Red Leicester Cheese with Bacon Red Onion and Fresh Tomatoes

-Chicken Smoked Bacon Cheese and Spring Onions

Baked Potatoes

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